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How will it be used to prevent and treat cancer, and what are the ethical considerations? Headlines promise revolutionary vaccines, tests, drugs and imminent clinical trials. But despite the many extraordinary advances in this golden age of oncology, few are truly revolutionary. Then there is CRISPR, a technology that has emerged only in the last decade, empowering us to edit the genetic code of almost any living thing.

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The technology, which uses software to mimic a geneediting process that bacteria use to fight off viruses, can make a gene stop working, repair damaged DNA, or even insert an entirely novel piece of DNA. Science, the flagship journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, published a special issue this August on revolutionary technologies. Testing of CRISPR in humans is just beginning, but the possible uses of the technology are vast, with an array of potential benefits, pitfalls and ethical implications.

CRISPR is already being used by a food company to give bacterial cultures used in cheese and yogurt more immunity against viruses. In the future, the technology could be used to create better crops or livestock, make synthetic copies of microbes used to manufacture drugs, modify the fertility of pest species so they become less prevalent, eliminate diseases in animals, people or societies, or even design babies with specific characteristics, such as enhanced intelligence or height, in some cases creating traits passed on to future generations.

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Flames of Avasten

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Evolution Revolution: CRISPR in Cancer Care

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