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It is not their fault there is no chaperones around… I love seeing them do things like ride together on a single horse and talk privately outside under the stars! Bennet: In this variation we learn a very plausible reason for Mr. I thought this development of Mr. It is amazing how experiences and people from our childhood can greatly affect who we are as an adult. His resentment for being a dependent second son comes out a little and we see that he is perhaps a little jealous of Darcy and all he has.

But we also witness Colonel Fitzwilliam show great care for Darcy and protect and defend him against his tyrannical father. Jenny and Her Hero: I always love it when there is an adorable child in the story and Darcy interacts with them. Jenny, was quite a little dear and I took great pleasure in following her story and seeing her exchanges with her rescuer!

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I love how she came back in the end too! And why was Mr. Bennet so unreasonable to Darcy, but not nearly so to Colonel Fitzwilliam?

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I find her prose to be wonderfully engrossing and I delight in exploring the unique and imaginative ways she brings Darcy and Elizabeth together time and time again! View 1 comment.

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Nov 06, Ceri rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical , austen-inspired , austen-variation. This is another of Abigail Reynolds what if scenarios on Pride and Prejudice. The book begins as Darcy is about to go to the parsonage at Hunsford to make his ill-fated proposal, but the difference is that it's been raining very heavily and the river bursts its banks while Darcy is there, before Elizabeth properly has a chance to reply.

The village is flooded and Elizabeth and Darcy are stuck for days together in the parsonage with stranded villagers to look out for. Thus they are forced to This is another of Abigail Reynolds what if scenarios on Pride and Prejudice. Thus they are forced to spend a lot of time together and rather than have the heated argument followed by the letter and months of separation as in Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth and Darcy begin to get to know each other better. I particularly liked how Darcy's character unfolds in this time. I would like to tell you more but don't want to give away any spoilers.

Mr Bennet is different, his behaviour seems illogical on quite a few occasions, but reasons are given for this. I have read a few other Abigail Reynolds books and I felt that this one had less serious themes than some, and was quite low on angst although there are obstacles to overcome, but that makes it no less enjoyable to read, I'd certainly be happy to re-read it. The spelling is American English, but the words are not noticeably Americanised aside from that. Also, for those who are bothered about sex scenes, there is a sex scene.

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Personally I don't mind them as long as they don't seem to be out of character, and I thought that this one was fine in the context of the story and generally nicely written. Sep 06, Irene rated it it was amazing Shelves: austen-related , favorites. There are so many things I love about this novel that I don't know where to begin It's my favourite Pride and Prejudice Variation by Abigail Raynolds together with "Mr.

Darcy's Obsession".

When I started reading it, two days ago, I had three or four other books to finish. So I saied "I'll read it slowly, savouring the story. There's no need to rush to the end, I know that Darcy and Elizabeth will be together". Once I began, I simply couldn't put it down. I had to go on reading, because the story There are so many things I love about this novel that I don't know where to begin It's my favourite Pride and Prejudice Variation by Abigail Raynolds together with "Mr.

I had to go on reading, because the story take such a different turn from the original that I wasn't sure anymore about the ending.

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I love Mr. Bennet, so I had a difficult time in reconcile myself with his stubborness. However his character is rendered perfectly. I don't want to spoil the pleasure of reading, so I'll restrict myself to saying that Colonel Fitzwilliam has his share of action and the epilogue is perfect!

I can't wait to read the next Variation! Sep 17, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it did not like it. Absolute drivel. I've read her other Pemverley variations and enjoyed most of them, this, however, is a different beast. While in fan fiction, there is always room for willing suspension of disbelief regarding character behavior, it seems in some cases there is almost no resemblance to the original characters at all in this book. Rational behavior seems to fly out the window in characters that were defined by it in the original novel.

May 16, Talia rated it it was amazing. One of my faves. Reread: I am surprised this has so few stars. It is short and funny. Oct 16, Misty added it. This was actually a reread for me, and I'm not sure why I never marked it the first time.

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It's a fun, scandalous premise, that occasionally delves into ridiculous for Regency scenarios -- but that just adds to the fun. I think this must be one of the better books by the author, although the length of it left me desiring more. The story twists here are a bit more complex and intriguing.

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Those who enjoy the extended conflict between Darcy and Lizzy as they reassess their own views and opinions will be a bit disappointed, for this period is compressed into the relatively narrow confines of flooded Hunsford, but there is no lack of drama as this conflict is instead replaced with conflict between Lizzy and her father and the tension of her forced estrangement from Darcy.

While Mr. Bennet's actions here made me grind my teeth in frustration, they are at least well explained if terribly misplaced in logic.

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The author doesn't demean him by simply turning him into some kind of a horrible character just to suit the story, but she plays up to his own sense of pride in his own discernment of character, in some ways simply magnifying the Lizzy's own character flaw from the original novel. But as those who have read the story, his final words at the end of the novel in the theatre a witty retort for we would expect no less are a delight and gave me much laughter. Similarly the author's conclusion of Jenny's story a new character is done with such a funny turn of phrase that I just had to chortle.

And finally, Col. Fitzwilliam is also given a good share of the stage instead of playing second fiddle to Darcy like in many stories.

Pride & Prejudice

He has his own journey here and in retrospect given the relatively short book I am amazed how well the author is able to insert it into the main storyline. Apr 01, Madenna U rated it really liked it Shelves: type-darcy , rate-loved-it , owned. A tremendous rain has flooded the river and destroyed the bridges separating Rosings from the parsonage. As they must work together to help the villagers, Elizabeth's opinion of Darcy slowly changes. He is forced to publish a marriage announcement in the papers in order to protect her reputation.

The announcement sets off a chain reaction which forces Elizabeth to decide her alliance and tests Darcy's patience to the extreme. Luckily they have a few people on their side and the usual disaster with Lydia brings further resolution. An alternative happy ending for Jane is very well done with a wonderful epilogue for Mary. Our dear couple finds their happily ever after but only after a steamy wedding night to bring all the sensual tension in the story to a close.

I am happy to own all of Abigail's works and this is a story I enjoying reading over and over. Sep 20, Germaine Mooney rated it liked it. Hmmm, not Bad. Not my favourite of this authors novels. I liked the premise, I liked that Darcy was going to huntsford again to try and make things right, before getting himself caught up in a situation that no one expects. This situation is in no way not wanted by Darcy; he's quite happy with how things have turned out. I do find him a little high handed with his assumptions like his announcement but I also know he is right in his own way.

But he needed to be a little more honest with Hmmm, not Bad. But he needed to be a little more honest with Elizabeth about the situation. I found C. Fitzwilliam a little out of character too with his offer to Lizzie, going against his cousin. Oh and lizzys father. Really not himself at all; very very odd indeed. As for the rest I really enjoyed, loved the gardeners and how they help the star crossed pair. Four stars but for me the characters weren't quite there for me. Dec 09, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: austenesque.

This variation begins at Rosings, when Darcy is on his way to Hunsford Parsonage to offer marriage to Elizabeth. During this proposal the storm that has been raging gets worse and there are interrupted by villagers looking for a safe haven from the storm. Can any actions of Darcy persuade Elizabeth to accept him, of course the situations is made worse by the interference of all their families. An enjoyable story and an easy writing style, with the usual characters plus more of the Matlock family. Rain and more rain fell on Kent's countryside.

The Hunsford Church and home was on high ground so many of the villagers came there for shelter. Darcy had just finished his not so elegant proposal. While waiting for Elizabeth to answer, calling adults and crying children banged on the parish front door. Darcy could not get back to Rosings because the bridge was destroyed, but after the first meal had been served, Mr. Darcy could not get back to Rosings because the bridge was destroyed, but after the first meal had been served, he knew they would need more provisions.