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Doubleday, , Avon, Faber, , Sphere, , as An Age. Time travel to the distant past is accomplished mentally, although still with considerable danger to the participant. The central character is sent to the Jurassic in search of another man wanted by the authorities, and discovers that time itself may be about to come to an end. An alien species is discovered by an exploratory ship, and several are brought back to Earth in hopes that a way can be found to communicate with them.

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But the creatures literally wallow in filth, and their habits cause revulsion among humans. A clever and witty examination of homocentrism and prejudice. They must defeat Dracula himself, leader of the vampire race. Magazine title Skeleton Crew. The world has become so overpopulated that the standard of living has fallen everywhere. Prison camps and forced labor are common, from one of which the protagonist escapes. A bleak vision of one possible future. Communism and capitalism have merged in the future world of this disjointed, surreal novel.

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Has flashes of genuine humor but not sustained enough be consistently comic. Humanity has been artificially evolved to a "perfect" state of conformity on a future Earth which appears to be a paradise.

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  • But representatives of that society begin to doubt what they've been taught when they encounter untransformed humans on another world. Colonization of Mars runs into a problem with stillborn children. A fault in time transports a man from the future back to the 19th Century where he encounters Victor Frankenstein and his monster, and discovers that the scientist is creating a mate for the creature. Made into a mediocre but sometimes interesting film. Panther, , Gregg, , Panther, , Gollancz, Collection of unrelated stories loosely assembled into a Future History.

    Tank (Tank Science Fiction Series #1) - eBook

    The human race has become infertile as the result of a misguided atomic test in space and is doomed to extinction, although there are persistent rumors that there are still children being born in remote places. An aging couple sets out on a grand tour of the crumbling British countryside to discover whether or not the rumors are true. A political prisoner in a repressive near future England imagines himself on an alien world. Omnibus of all three Helliconia novels. Opening volume of a series set on a world colonized by humans. Emerging from a winter that lasted six centuries, a small group of human colonists compete with indigent aliens to uncover ruined cities and establish a civilization in an environment that is still implacably hostile.

    The newly rising human civilization on a colony world is torn by dynastic pressures while observors from Earth keep hands off despite the possibility that the human colony will be eradicated by the alien phagors, native to Helliconia. As a new mini-ice age approaches, human civilization begins to falter and the alien phagors threaten to overwhelm what remains.

    Concluding volume in a series that is widely but not universally considered to be the author's most significant work. See The Long Afternoon of Earth. Intangibles, Inc. Faber, , Corgi, Jonathan Cape, , as Moreau's Other Island. A space craft strands a government official on a remote island where he discovers a government project to genetically engineer a new species that blends human and lower animal attributes to create new species better able to survive.

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    • An obvious re-examination of the H. Wells classic. Short story in pamphlet form, about a man visited by an alien. Originally published as five novelets, this is a continuing narrative set in a future where humanity and Earth's environment have evolved into a primitive jungle filled with voracious plants and other dangers. The central plot is a journey of exploration and survival in a world which no longer rotates relative to the sun.

      A story of art and manners in a renaissance style city set in an alternate universe where the dinosaurs never became extinct. A scientist travels to Africa and suffers from culture shock in this marginally SF novel. Through an unlikely chain of events, he becomes the political leader of a small nation. Moreau's Other Island. S ee An Island Called Moreau.

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      S ee Starship. Magazine title Minor Operation. A device implanted in one's forehead advises others of the degree of sexual arousal. Although this is supposed to facilitate better interaction, it gives rise to all sorts of new tensions. A surreal bit similar in style to the works of Alain Robbe-Grillet with three alien observers interpreting the same human events from very different perspectives. Novelet from about a mysterious force from space that affects life in a rural area.

      A blend of H. Wells and H.

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      Possibly the best generational starship story ever written. Roy Complain lives in a nomadic culture that moves ceaselessly through the corridors of a gigantic starship whose hydroponics have taken over much of the ship. His explorations lead him to the control room, where he discovers that the ship is orbiting an inhabited world, but that an alteration of the time sense of everyone aboard has prevented their being integrated into human society.

      Hall, , Panther, , Baen, Humorous look at the future of England involving androids, space travel, and political connivery. Collection of mostly unrelated stories. Aliens on the moon insist they have only peaceful intentions, but a handful of humans suspect that they are actually preparing for an invasion of Earth, not content with the portion of Sumatra which has been set aside for their use.

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      Who Can Replace a Man? Signet, Kerosina, , as Cracken at Critical. When a composer discovers a woman's body, he is thrown into a complex plot of spies, fugitive telepaths, and government assassins. A group of scientists are stranded on Mars for several years.

      https://europeschool.com.ua/profiles/kulebaje/juegos-para-el-sexo.php They attempt to restructure their society along Utopian lines. Their task is complicated by the discovery that one of the Martian volcanoes is actually a gigantic, sentient alien creature. A former professional soldier turned rebel escorts a group of escaped slaves across a hostile planet, pursued by a slave trader and endangered by the violent society in which he is trapped.

      Tank, no. 2

      If captured, he faces the possibility of being brainwashed. An interstellar civization based on slavery faces its own loss of freedom as an inimical alien race and a secret society of empaths interact to cause a crisis. The protagonist, an ex-slave, and a handful of victims he is trying to save become the catalyst in an explosive change in the balance of power.

      An enforcer for an interstellar civilization that enslaves part of its population is secretly a vigilante trying to undermine that same system. Three part story about a new space race provoked by the reception of signals from another star system, about an alien expedition's fate on prehistoric Earth, and the first new contact between the two species caused by artifacts left by the aliens once they realized that colonization was not a viable option. The space program is in disarray despite efforts to keep it alive.

      Then war breaks out between India and Pakistan, and a nuclear device is exploded in orbit which endangers the lives of the crew of the only space station. Their only chance is a daring rescue mission from Earth, which might also revitalize space exploration.