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This led to another set of problems with me who were used to be so competitive, and how I become the jaded person that I am today, but that is a lesson for another time. Point is, if anyone of them were to stop to think apart from what they see from their own eyes, and allow empathy as a guidance, we would not see stories like this. Problem is, today, human beings are far too self-absorbed materially, and they lose sight of their true self and eventually become lost.

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Even had she not committed murder, I would not have trusted Jennifer as a person at all. Dishonesty is not an acceptable way to respond to adversity, and she only has herself to blame for her own failures. It is not okay to forge report cards and diplomas, fake your graduation and pretend to attend university. I find it difficult to empathize with someone who had such a loving mother, and an ultimately well-intentioned father. Her parents did not say go be an Engineer. Neither did mine. Mine said pursue an education and study hard. If I didnt, they were there to bring me back on track.

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If your children want to go frolicking in the park because they dont know better and thats ok with you, then go ahead. I agree. I commented earlier for Karen to not use such cheap and immoral tactics to grab the attention of readers.

Unfortunately, her cheap response was to remove my comment. Good stuff, Karen. You are going to be one heck of a writer.

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YES, thank you for saying this. If she really wanted to escape her family that badly, it would be as simple as studying hard and asking to go to UBC or Waterloo. Given that her program of choice was Science, calculus was probably not even an entry requirement. Not much discussion here about the company she kept. Something was not right with these people. Most of us would never even remotely condone such action. There are studies that indicate peer group has a much larger influence on actions than parental influence, once someone has become an adult.

Equating the effects of emotional and psychological abuse with the impetus to kill is a logical fallacy, to say the least. No one knows what really caused all this for sure, but people are all too quick to label Jennifer as a cold-hearted psycho who is now rotting in jail and is getting what she deserved, without actually trying to understand what motivated her and led to this unfortunate chain of events. You make a great point. But if a person had to resort to ordering a hit to get their parents out of their life and take money through the inheritance, I feel that is not the same case.

I do feel for the pressures she had to go through, but a lot of us, myself included had to go through something similar. Anyways, your response is very well put, and I have to respect that. The only way we, as human beings, can begin to make sense of such things is to look for cause and effect relationships. We want to make sense of things, we look for identifiable patterns. The reality is, these patterns and correlations are often an illusion.

Sometimes there are no reasons.

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Good thing you voted for your own comment because no one else with intellectual integrity would agree with such an absurd statement. Thank-you for complimenting my intellectual integrity, but why is my statement absurdist to you? To take the argument to the opposite extreme, if equating emotional and psychological abuse with the impetus to kill was a logical thing to do, than we could expect that homicide would be the likely and excused outcome in all cases of severe emotional and psychological abuse.

It is not. One person suffers, and spreads caring. Another suffers and seeks help, Another suffers, and does nothing. And yet another suffers, and commits murder. To argue that emotional and psychological abuse is an impetus to kill, is a stigmatizing insult to every survivor of abuse who would never murder another soul. How do you really know? You believe what you do, most likely because it coincides with you worldview, and what you want to believe.

But I do think that the viewpoints you reference are not necessarily diametrically opposed. One can blame, and indeed hate what someone has done, while also recognizing them as a victim. Please re-read what I said, it is an argument against absolutism. If you have anything to share and reason, please do so.

Rich American Businessman Proudly Kills 2 Elephants and Receives Major Backlash

Ad-hominem attacks have no place here. She was speaking generally about the effects of child abuse. You seem to have an extensive vocabulary, Adam, but few clues about context and even less ability with reading comprehension. You seem to be a classic example of how a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I neve quoted Hina.

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Please do not misrepresent what I wrote. Seriously, what does it take to get a user banned around here? Thank you for proving my contention that you have poor reading comprehension, Adam. I never said you quoted Hina. You replied to her statement with an absurd non sequitur. Agree with Adam Catalyst. For someone who is calling out others for labelling Jennifer too quickly, you are doing the exact same thing labelling her family and assuming that the way she was raised was the cause for what happened.

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How are you arriving to these conclusions? What is with all these assumptions? From all your comments so far it really just comes across as if you are you projecting your own experiences onto this story. Where did I say that I was raised like this, or in any way similar to this? You seem more upset that I am trying to show some sympathy towards her and what she MAY have experienced, but are totally okay with the rest of the people who are outright condemning her and calling her a monster.

Btw, did you go to waterloo for afm in the last year? I think I might have met you. I agree that this article is biased. Whatever, you must know best I guess. Exactly I completely agree with you. Thank you for providing the additional insight I missed. When you failed to acknowledge your poor reading comprehension I wrote you off as a pseudointellectual coward.