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Animal Crackers (1883); Whistling Woman & Crowing Hen (1840)

Buenas noches Rosa. English language is not my Crazy Land in Moody II. There he is: Freddie. His head is up, scanning the dock for his boat. Goodbye, say my thoughts before my lips echo them. I feel a snake uncoil in my chest and then re-spool around my heart, squeezing tighter. He turns around, sees no-one, turns back. He boards the ship. The word leaves my throat raw. I am deafening myself.

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Freddie turns, despite tradition, and scans the dockside. I see his face change when he finally spots me. The colour leaves his face. I lift up my arm. I wave at him with difficulty. With one word I break tradition and something is unleashed. I woke up shivering; my whole body shuddering and shaking. I pulled the wool blanket that Freddie bought up to my nose.

Winter was riding in and sunlight receded more each day. I put the dream out of my mind. I kept myself awake at night cleaning and re-cleaning. Knitting baby things, pulling them apart and re-knitting them. In the dream Freddie is home. He is playing with a young girl. The girl has my hair, long and dark. I join them, putting my arms around Freddie, looking into his sea-blue eyes. I smile and reach out an arm to include the girl.

She comes into the circle of the hug. I look down and see that her eyes are green, same as mine.

Pat, the crowing hen!

I taste salt. I woke up lolled over the kitchen table. Someone was at the door. It was Mam, carrying a packet of biscuits.

She told me the news as I put the kettle on the stove. All hands lost.

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Freddie wasn't coming back. I suppose Mam was waiting to see how I'd react. She crackled the biscuits inside their plastic.

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The kettle began whistling. I felt something slide around inside my body, above my navel. She's superstitious and will always greet a magpie. She's studying creative writing at Royal Holloway University and wondering about writing a long story. Each month she puts a little piece of storyness on her blog 'arike writes'. You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. Liars' League.

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What a load of cobblers A whistling woman and a crowing hen Are neither good for God nor men.

Whistling Woman, Crowing Hen

I suppose they make men feel inferior because women can do everything they can! Not sure why they bother God though - unless it is the same God who thinks that women should not wear trousers.

I can't say I feel inferior to whistling women or crowing hens. I can't speak for God but I don't think these would worry him too much. Still, he does move in mysterious ways. If he's reading this I would like to thank him for not giving us whistling hens, although I've known a few crowing women.

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I can whistle! DH doesn't care for it, though, so I hum and sing mostly - when I'm not talking to myself, that is I used to work for a fantastic whistler who seemed to be covering all parts of a symphony simultaneously. He was wonderful to listen to, and was sometimes joined by a mouth trumpet and pens-on-table drums played by workmates. They eventually formed a successful jazz band with real instruments. I can whistle rather tunelessly, but I regret that I can't manage the piercing fingers-in-mouth sound to go with applause.

That would be so useful when supporting grandchildren playing football. But I still maintain that a good whistler is balm to the soul. I remember what a lot of nostalgia travelling in a crowded rush hour tube in the '60s and a hippy took out a recorder and gently played. Suddenly I started smiling and I look around - so were others. Faces relaxed, people made eye contact. I can do a piercing whistle with two fingers, so useful for calling the dog, attracting attention but it does embarrass my DH! I wish I could do a really piercing whistle through my fingers - never mastered it, but at the moment it might be a really good way of bringing GS to a halt when he is haring off across the school playground at 3.

And all I get for my pains is "but nanny, I didn't hear you! He has never heard me raise the vocal decibels - I used to be a drill instructor! I've loved reading about other Whistlers. Whistling is a part of me.

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It was something I could do, but my brother never could. If I get into an echoey area I instantly know I have to whistle. I have made sure that my grandchildren are confident whistlers. They have also had compulsory instruction on the art of blowing bubbles in gum. I used to whistle through the gap in my front teeth but it seems to have closed up over the years, so now I whistle normally through pursed lips.